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Discover The Cayman Islands 

Services & Description

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Starfish Point


Stingray City

Enjoy the Islands most vibrant reefs, full of life and color. Our guides know the best reefs to suit your group, whether it's adventure or relaxing snorkeling you want we've got you covered.

We will pull right up onto the beach for you to enjoy the beautiful starfish beach in style. Crack open a beer and turn up the tunes or let the kids loose and play in the sand with the starfish. Island time!

One of the most unique experiences in Grand Cayman is Stingray City, the Islands most famous attraction and a must see! Visit with our favorite southern stingrays in waist deep, crystal clear water. For over 30 years people have been coming here holding and hugging these gentle, friendly rays. 

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Deep Water fishing

Prime Charter Watersports, we offer deep sea fishing in Grand Cayman all year round. The species of Blue Marlin, Tuna, Dolphin (Mahi), and Wahoo are seasonal; therefore, please ask what we are currently catching for deep-sea fishing. Join us on one of the finest fishing charters in Grand Cayman.

We provide the fishing gear and bait, as well as a cooler with ice and refreshments. You're also more than welcome to bring along your own snacks. We also highly recommend that you wear sunscreen and  hat.


Escape to Kaibo, where you will find an upscale beach restaurant serving lunch and dinner, and Kaibo Espresso the gourmet beach café for breakfasts and lattes. Here you will find a breath-taking sea view, locally sourced menus and the friendliest service.

You’ll come to Kaibo for a good time, and you’ll stay because you belong.

Rum Point

Step back onto dry land and give your sea legs a rest! Grab a bite to eat and treat yourself to an island famous mudslide! Local food on the beach is always hard to beat. And as for the mudslide...well you just have to try one!

Sphere on Spiral Stairs


Local   345-3259522

USA      954-8545886


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